tinh mot chieu( video version)

ylan might be one of the famous Vietnamese singer that sing this song tinh mot chieu( video version). Read more to see song lyric, video clips and play the song.

Ti`nh mo^.t chie^`u ne^n tho^i, anh kho^ng no\’i
No\’i la`m chi, gio*` dda~ qua\’ muo^.n ma`ng
Lo*`i chu*a ngo?, ti`nh theo mo^.ng vo*~ tan
Ngu*o*`i co\’ hie^?u, ngu*o*`i cu~ng dda`nh tu*` cho^\’i!

Ti`nh mo^.t chie^`u ne^n tho^i dda`nh que^n la~ng
Nho*\’ ma` chi the^m ky? nie^.m thu*o*ng ddau
Tie^\’c ma` chi, ti´nh theo la\’ u\’a ma`u
Tim ha^\’p ho^\’i nhi`n ngu*o*`i ddi xa khua^\’t…

Ti`nh mo^.t chie^`u ne^n cuo^.c ddo*`i la^`m lo*~
Ye^u ngu*o*`i ta la`m ke? bu*o*\’c dde^\’n sau
DDo*`i co^ ddo*n vi` tre^~ mo^.t chuye^\’n ta`u
Ho^`n che^\’t la(.ng nhi`n mu`a thu ddang che^\’t…

Ti`nh mo^.t chie^`u ne^n ti`nh dda`nh che^\’t ye^?u
Nhu* hoa`ng ho^n ro^`i cu~ng pha?i dde^m dden
Ta me^ man trong nhu*~ng no^~i muo^.n phie^`n
Ti`nh dde^\’n vo^.i ro^`i quay ve^` qua\’ khu*\’…

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tinh mot chieu( video version)
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